xenophobia in south Africa

Xenophobic Attack : South Africa Government in Support of attacks [ Video Suggests ]

Xenophobic attack South Africa in support of attacks online video suggest s.

Xenophobia in South Africa.

xenophobia in south africaFollowing the recent xenophobia in South Africa, videos surfacing on the internet points to one direction and that is to say; the South African Government  directly or indirectly supports attacks on foreign nationals particularly NIGERIANS.

From the video below, one can identify some of  the reasons given by south Africans on why they are on rampage killing Nigerians , other African nationals and destroying their businesses .

One of the reasons is that in some cities in south Africa, foreign nationals amount to 80 percent while locals are the remaining  20 percent. Arguing that is dangerous to let foreign nationals dominate them in their land.

But is it right to call an African a foreigner in Africa? the answer is simply NO!

xenophobia in south africa

Nigerians and other Africans react to Xenophobia in South Africa

Popular name in African music industry Sauti Sol also shared their view on the situation.


Can this be a reason for mass murdering foreigners in your country? Certainly not.

According to reports , more than five person who are  Nigerians  has been murdered in the recent xenophobic attack in the country { South Africa }.

South Africans has indeed succeeded in creating avoidable crisis in the continent.
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Ghana President on Xenophobia In South Africa

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