Willy Paul lamba Nyonyo

Willy Paul trolled for ‘Lamba Nyonyo’


Willy Paul lamba Nyonyo.

Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul is trending again after releasing a new track called ‘Lamba Nyonyo’, which means lick a boob, to the disgust of many.

The lyrics include, “Hey Ras, I am at home and I have lasses. Come over because it’s been a while since you licked boobs. Cheza chini usinyambie Jose (Chill! don’t fart on Jose).”

Fans say the song is disrespectful to women. Joe Muchiri wrote, “I hope this song is for kids who are still breastfeeding.” Avril said, “At this rate, I would love to meet your dealer.”

A few months ago, Pozze was on the spot again after a raunchy dance with Ugandan secular artiste Nandy.

He has often told his fans not to worry on whether he is a gospel or a secular artiste.

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