Nicki Minaj retirement from rap

What 50 cent Said about Nicki Minaj’s Retirement Announce

50 cent’s Response on Nicki Minaj’s Retirement Announce.

50 Cent has responded to Nicki Minaj who via Instagram, announced her retirement from rap business.

Veteran Rapper 50 Cent commented on Nicki Minaj announcing she’s retiring from her rap career. The rap Queen also recently apologized to her fans for the way and manner she announced her retirement from rap game.

50 Cent Nicki Minaj retirement response

While the internet went wild and Nicki Minaj’s fans were upset by the announcement, 50 cent got affected in some way that he had to respond. The rapper took to Instagram to let everyone know he wants Nicki to stay in the rap game.

Nicki Minaj retirement from rap

50 Cent reposted Nicki’s Instagram photo with boyfriend Kenneth Petty. The rapper addressed Nicki’s retirement announcement through his caption.

Both these guys crazy, but you know you gotta love it South side”, 50 Cent wrote.

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