Oluebube and Chizaram lost their lives

How Oluebube and Chizaram lost their lives to Toilet Construction Error

Tragedy: Parents lost two of their children, boy and girl on same day to Toilet Construction Error.

On the 14th, September,  The bodies of Chizaram and  and Oluebube Nwogwu left akwudo mortuary to their home Town in Isielu local area of Ebonyi state.

This is a hard to narrate story of two innocent Children Chizaram Nwogwu and Oluebubechukwu Nwogwu who Lost their precious lives in a very tragic and abominable manner on Saturday the 7th of September, 2019.

It happened in Nnewichi, Nnewi Anambra state Nigeria. The sad news came to me at about 5 minutes after 9:00pm on 7th of September, 2019 that the children fell into suck away pit while they were taking their bath and suffocated to death, unbelievable harsh truth.

It is said, there was no one around  in a compound that normally is filled with children playing since it was holiday by the time of this tragic incident, except their grandma who is very old.

The children’s dead bodies were pulled out of the shit hole by one Mr Nnadi Chidera and others who rushed to the scene as soon as they heard the children were missing, ikomusicpro News confirmed.

Discussing with Mr and Mrs Ifeanyi Nwogwu – parents of the victims, From Isielu local government area, ebonyi state; they shared their harsh experiences bringing the kids to the world.

I am very bittered because they are my children, I know it was by God’s grace that I was able to endure the pains and suffering i went through to bring them to the world – Mother of the victims cries.

She continues, if I tell you I have not finished paying the debt for delivery these children through Surgical operation you may not believe me but it is true. Now they are gone forever, who will I depend on when I get old?

Mrs Nwogwu had three (3) of her children through Surgical operation, but now she’s left with only one girl child who is about 2 – 3 years old.

On the other hand, the father of the victims blamed Nelson nnadi – landlord of the house for the wrong construction of  the suck away pit that ended his children’s Life, which is there for all to see. Arguing, how can one construct suck away pit without iron rod?

He ( Nelson Nnadi – Landlord)  certainly set this trap to kill someone and he succeeded in taking the lives of my precious children Oluebubechukwu Nwogwu and Chizaram Nwogwu..

Watch their burial video here below!


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