Christiano Ronaldo just made FIFA Angry

Christiano Ronaldo, Despite being one of the three candidates for The Best FIFA Men’s Player award,

failed to appear at the gala in Milan;

something which angered the world football governing body FIFA.

Around Monday afternoon , some FIFA staff had seen Ronaldo’s presence at the award show as a given for what promised to be a special gathering for the very best in sport.

Christiano Ronaldo
Christiano Ronaldo FIFA

However, as time passed Christiano Ronaldo’s absence became more evident ,

and an indication that Lionel Messi will be going home with the top prize as opposed by Virgil van Dijk .

For the fact that Christiano lives just 150km from milan raised even more questions about the Portuguese’s Star not to attend the event.

During the announcement of the FIFA FIFPro World XI,

it became clear the Portuguese’s Ronaldo would not be making an appearance,

as his name was not read out despite being featured in the team of the year.

FIFA President Gainni Infantino made no secret of his anger about Ronaldo’s absence as he spoke of messi fully deserving the award

and that he has finally gained the to prize in the men’s game.

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